Vitamin D, Covid_19 and immunity

You cannot have missed the volume of articles about getting your daily dose of vitamin D, the NHS is positively screaming the message to us right now.
Vitamin D help’s to keep your immune system in tip top condition and what we all need right now, is a strong immune system, to carry us through the winter months.
I am sorry to be talking about winter at the start of summer, but the fact is Vitamin D (from sunlight) is most abundant in the months between March/April and Sept/Oct and you need to be outside to benefit. It is usually enough to expose your; face / neck / shoulders / forearms and yes, but you must still wear sunscreen.
Exposure to daylight is especially important if you are older, as your immune system isn’t as strong as in your younger years. Vitamin D deficiency is not only a problem in older age, it is a big problem in the UK population at large, due to us being such an indoor nation.

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In addition to the sunshine’s Vitamin D benefit, you may remember that I wrote an article some weeks back now, about how a daily morning walk can also help with your sleep, by assisting your circadian rhythm to recognise ‘morning’ through exposure to daylight first thing. It is not enough to simply stand by a window. So for those who have been shielding, it is so important to try to get outside, into your garden (if possible) to help keep your body (and mind) healthy and your circadian rhythm in check.

For those struggling with anxiety, lack of exercise and poor sleep is a bad mix. Try to set a daily morning alarm, get up and get out, if only to drink your first hot drink of the morning, or better still, if you feel able to, to walk around the block for 20 minutes.